About Us

Enclothe was started way back in 2003 in Southern Oregon. It was a tumultuous time and America was gearing to for a shiny new big war in Iraq. So an idea was hatched that became the very first shirt on the newly registered Enclothe.com 

Warmonger! Yes that's George W Bush in front of a bunch of bombers dropping bombs everywhere. 

Not the strongest start for a clothing line that would still be kicking ten years later, but we all have to start somewhere right? It also sold really well. Well enough for future designs to become a reality. 

The next design was Ninja Pirate. That's right, the deadly and fearsome pirate who is also a ninja. This design was based off of a photoshop found on the Something Awful forums. Enclothe contacted the original artist and a deal was struck and the Ninja Pirate shirt became a reality. 




Those were the foundation that Enclothe was built on. Maybe other designs followed, 451 - which is the only design from those days that is still in print. Also Bleedbot, Ghostship, Abe, 1984, Cthulu and many others that will probably never see the light again.

But what is Enclothe? What is the philosophy of Enclothe? 

The idea behind Enclothe was to produce some killer geek related T-shirt designs with awesome art and minimal branding hand printed on quality garments.  

10 years later and we still do our best to live up to that original vision. 

Ten years is a long time in the T-shirt game and we've seen a lot of other companies come and go and here we are still putting out some awesome stuff! In those ten years we've called Southern Oregon, San Francisco and San Diego home. We're back in the beautiful Rogue Valley and have a killer shop and we love making kick ass shirts for everyone to wear.

We are incredibly grateful of all the awesome people and customers we've encountered in this adventure, so here's to another 10!